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Influenza began to threaten France, which is still invaded by bronchiolitis

Influenza began to threaten France, which is still invaded by bronchiolitis

While Bronchiolitis continues to spread In all regions the epidemic
flu begins to threaten mainland France, starting in the southwest,
The health authorities announced on Wednesday.

For the third week in a row, the number of influenza cases, such as hospitalizations, increased in the French capital, leading the Occitanie region to enter the pre-pandemic stage, as summarized in the publication of the French Public Health Agency.

The French are less immune

It is the first metropolitan area to pass in this category, RĂ©union is already in this state and Mayotte is completely infected with the epidemic. Last winter, confinement and Covid barrier gestures helped prevent all viruses, including the flu. The French were less infected than usual and therefore less collectively immunized, which raises fears of an even stronger epidemic this year, as well as of other diseases such as gastroenteritis.

This phenomenon has already existed for weeks with bronchiolitis, a disease that mainly affects children. Common and highly contagious causing coughing, hard, rapid, wheezing and wheezing. Most of the time, it may require an emergency room visit or even hospitalization.

Increased gastroenteritis

Since November, the epidemic of bronchiolitis has hit all areas of the metropolitan area, where it is currently continuing “at a high level”. Reunion and Guadeloupe have now been added. In mainland France, last week, “of the 5577 children under the age of two seen in the emergency room with bronchiolitis (…), 5077 (91%) were less than 1 year old and 2015 (36%) were hospitalized” Agency details.

“Of those, 1893 (94%) were under one year old,” she says. Finally, with regard to gastroenteritis, cases are increasing in urban France but are below their normal level at this time of year, according to the Sentinels Network, which provides data from several general practitioners.

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