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Influencers realize that their villa “does not exist” in Italy

American influencer and content creator Alex Earle shared on her TikTok account her decadent adventure that she experienced when she arrived in the picturesque village of Positano, Italy.

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Alex Earle, who has more than five million followers on TikTok, claims he was made homeless by a scam while booking the villa.

“we [sans logement] In Italy. The villa we were supposed to stay in does not exist,” lamented the American traveler with several friends.

Faced with this anomaly, Alex asked her subscribers “what should you do now”. She claims her car rental was canceled at the last minute.

“It’s midnight. We don’t know where to go.” [Nous sommes] 11 girls lost in Positano,” she tweeted on TikTok in an excerpt that has garnered more than five million views.

Image from TikTok | @employee

According to her, the influencer had rented the luxury residence on The company has not confirmed the information to The Independent.

Alex Earl says she fears for her safety and the safety of her friends. She thought she was going to be “kidnapped,” she admits, in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, the tourists had managed to find a smaller hotel room for their first night.

In a series of videos posted by the influencer, we can see that they have found their new villa on AirBnb for the rest of their stay.

Remember, the village of Positano, which faces massive tourist traffic, has decided to ban visitors from stopping to walk in certain areas of town.

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