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Indomitable Lions: When Eto'o beats Moelle Kombe for the job

Indomitable Lions: When Eto’o beats Moelle Kombe for the job

After it was announced that Tony Conceicao would remain at the helm of the Cameroon national team framework, the Minister of Sports was forced by “ very high instructions The head of state may reconsider his decision. and the appointment of Rigobert Song, FECAFOOT’s Presidential Candidate, Samuel Eto’o.

Since the Africa Cup of Nations, we have learned that Antonio Conceicao’s days on the sidelines of the Cameroon national team are numbered. Even if he had the support of the Minister of Sports who appointed him and then extended it, the Portuguese technician, third in the competition, was widely criticized internally, in particular by Samuel Eto’o. Even the president of the Cameroon Football Federation had to go to “ clash against the supervising minister.

Indeed, while the Minister of Sports confirmed on February 13 the retention of Tony Conceicao at the helm of the technical training of the Lions, Eto’o, in a letter signed the next day, was forced to remind Narcisse Moel Kombe that “ The administrative, sports and technical management of the football teams falls under the jurisdiction of the Federation Declaring at the same time that Thinking about maintenance or termination of the contract by Toni Conceiçao was “ processing Samuel Eto’o had to decide on February 23 that a few days earlier, Jeune Afrique revealed her ambition to appoint Rigobert Song to replace Conceicao.

A rumor at first finally turned into a reality on Monday. Samuel Eto’o worked behind the scenes and beat his minister for office. Because it was Narcisse Moel Combe himself who was responsible for announcing the news of the man’s appointment in 137 selections. A form of disavowal according to the opinion of many observers. “ We make you expect your own humiliation. This country is special ‘,” joked on Facebook by journalist and former campaign manager Samuel Eto’o, Jean-Bruno Tagne.

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