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Indigenous groups in the US are also disappointed by the Pope's apology

Indigenous groups in the US are also disappointed by the Pope’s apology

Indigenous groups in the US are also critical of the official apology Pope Francis For the Church’s role in the residential school system in Canada.

The American National Native Congress recognized the Pope’s pardon as a historic moment, but demanded more of the Catholic Church.

Its president, Fawn Sharp, pointed out that the Canadian residential school system was modeled after a similar model already in the United States. This American version of residential schools will be under the magnifying glass of the Department of Homeland Security.

The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition is calling for the Church to invalidate the Doctrine of Discovery — a 15th-century principle that many countries, including Canada, used to justify the colonization of ancestral First Nations lands.

The group also mentioned paparazzi He did not address sexual abuse during his speech. He did not talk about genocide or the church’s plans, which the coalition considers “crimes against humanity.”

Both organizations are calling on the church to open its archives so that resident records are accessible to First Nations, while actively participating in the next steps of the reconciliation process.

Pope Francis heads to Quebec on Wednesday for the next leg of what he’s calling his “pilgrimage of repentance” to Canada.

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