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Independence Party leader Hamza Yusuf was elected First Minister of Scotland

The new leader of the Scottish Independence Party, SNP Hamza Yusuf, was officially elected Prime Minister on Tuesday. Scotland, by the local parliament in Edinburgh. Hamza Yusuf, He was elected on Monday to lead the SNP in a local referendum and is due to take office on WednesdayShe will be the first Scottish Prime Minister from an immigrant and Muslim background and succeed Nicola Sturgeon, who announced her sudden resignation last month after eight years in office.

Hamza Yusuf, whose paternal grandparents moved to Glasgow from Pakistan sixty years ago, was formally appointed to the post by Royal Warrant on Wednesday and sworn in at the Court of Session of the Supreme Court of Scotland. “It’s a proud day for me and my family, and I hope it’s a proud day for Scotland too because it says a lot about our values,” said an emotional Hamza Yusuf immediately after the vote.

Resuming the struggle for freedom

He took power at a time when the fight for independence seemed stalled, reigniting divisions within the SNP and whetting the appetites of the Conservatives and Labor opponents of power in London. Facing deputies, she paid tribute in Parliament to Nicola Sturgeon, who on Tuesday morning sent in her official resignation letter to Charles III.

After Monday’s victory, Hamza Yusuf, until then health minister, promised to be part of the “independence generation”, insisting the “people” of Scotland “need independence now more than ever”.

The independence cause relaunched by Brexit, which Scotland has largely opposed, appears to be at an impasse. After the “No” victory in 2014, the British Supreme Court recently rejected Nicola Sturgeon’s bid to organize a new referendum.

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In London, Scottish minister Alistair Jack congratulated Hamza Yusuf, calling on him to “put aside his obsession with independence to focus on his work with the British government to improve life in Scotland”. The Scottish Government has jurisdiction over a number of matters including education, health and justice.

According to a March 13 YouGov poll, 46% of those polled supported independence (compared to 50% last month). Including undecideds, the rate drops to 39%.

Humza Yousaf “makes sure she leads the campaign for independence and we need to discuss what kind of country we want Scotland to become,” Ian Blackford, the SNP’s former MP leader, told Sky news in the British Parliament on Tuesday.