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Incurable cancer at 33: A young mother who ‘wants to enjoy every second’ with her family

A 33-year-old mother has been diagnosed with devastating stage IV lung cancer. Despite everything, she does not intend to let herself be defeated and wants to make the most of the family moments she has left.

Since March 16, the word “healing” has “disappeared from the vocabulary” of Tiffany Lavoe, a young mother from Quebec, since the disease has spread to her bones.

“My world fell apart that day. What I find most unfair is that I won’t see my son grow up. It breaks my heart,” she says, dropping emotion, seemingly suffering from uncertainty.

At just 13 months old, Lyam Brousseau likely only has memories of his mother from the videos and photos his father, Jean-Simon, tries to capture on a daily basis.

Incurable cancer at age 33: a young mother

Image provided by Tyfanie Lavoie

Jean-Simon Broseau explains: “I gave myself the goal of collecting the most memories as we see them together. We do our best to find moments of magic and happiness in everyday life and enjoy every second, even if it is difficult.

Hard test

Just two months after giving birth to her son, Tyfanie Lavoie decided to see a doctor for persistent back pain.

“At first I was told it was my muscle pain, maybe I tensed too hard or something. In the following weeks, I noticed it was making a lot of noise when I breathed so I persisted,” explains the person who was head of aesthetics at Jean Cotto in Quebec.

After a whole host of tests, the ax fell: The new mom was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer in April 2022, “sheer bad luck,” the doctors explained to her, while never smoking in her life.

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Tyfanie Lavoie received three “high-dose” chemotherapy treatments and about thirty more radiation treatments.

“It was so stressful that I could barely shower after my treatment. I had a hard time taking care of myself and had a newborn baby on my arms too. I’m lucky to have a wife and an extraordinary family who helped me tremendously with all of this,” she says, gratefully.


Ever since Tyfanie Lavoie learned she was suffering from terminal cancer, she decided to take advantage of every moment to do what she wanted. A family trip to Western Canada, among other things, is in the cards.

It must be recognized that the focus should be on “short-term projects”. The first item on her wish list is to finally marry her lover.

“He asked me out before we had Lyam and our lives were turned upside down after that. I definitely want to keep that promise and become his wife. I want us to be right then,” says Mrs. Lavoie, choked with emotion.

Incurable cancer at age 33: a young mother

Image provided by Tyfanie Lavoie

For the rest of the things, when [son] The body no longer follows”, Tyfanie Lavoie decides to seek medical assistance in dying. She does not want to suffer any more while waiting to take her last breath.

“I don’t want my loved ones to keep the image of me as someone in pain in a hospital bed. I’m going to enjoy all the good times I had with the ones I love and then I’ll leave in peace.