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Incredible gesture from Jasama

Incredible gesture from Jasama

Many Algerian supporters patterns I think Jasama has cut the way to the Greens World Cup. The refereeing mistakes made by Gambian Jasama are very obvious and they are now known to all.

There was the opening match for the Cameroonians, which was marred by a charge against Algerian defender Issa Mandi who then blocked the intervention of goalkeeper Rais M’Bolhi.

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Other questionable actions convinced the Algerians that referee Gassama had a mission: to make the Cameroonians win at all costs.

A task he was passionate about so much that he became the 12th Cameroonian player. Indeed, there is an element that may have left the attention of viewers and fans present at the Mustapha Tchaker Stadium in Blida, that reinforces the conviction of Gassama’s blatant bias towards Cameroonians.

This sounds like a banal business but says a lot about the intentions of the government on which suspicions of corruption are now attached.

Jasama, 12th place” Cameroonian player »

At the hour mark, in the Algerian penalty area, a Cameroonian player is about to kick the ball, and at the same time we see referee Gassama repeat the same gesture while moving his right leg as if he too was about to push the ball inside. Rais M’bolhi Network.

The ball was finally blocked by the Algerian defender. If Cameroon, who were leading 1-0, had scored in the action, they would have folded the match. At 2-0, the Greens’ chances of coming back and qualifying were virtually nil.

Arbitration errors committed by Gambian Bakary Gassama, on March 29, were the subject of a complaint submitted by the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) to the International Football Association (FIFA).

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The file is expected to be examined on Thursday, April 21. There were several elements that raise the question about arbitration in The Gambia directions In the complaint submitted to the body headed by Gianni Infantino.

Certainly, Gassama’s name will forever be associated with his complacent arbitration scandal over the Cameroonians. And on Saturday evening, he did so again during the match between Angolan club Petro Atletico and his South African rival, Mamelodi Sundown, in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

At the head of the VAR, referee Bakary Gassama disallowed a penalty kick for Petro Atletico after an apparent foul on his hand in his opponent’s box. Thus, the African referee exposes his flaws, which have been repeatedly denounced by national technical director Djamel Belmadi.