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Increased fires caused by electronic devices

Increased fires caused by electronic devices

Firefighters are dealing with a significant increase in the number of fires caused by overheating of electronic devices.

In an interview with TVA Nouvelles, Quebec Fire Protection Service spokesperson Jean-François Daigle recounted a fire that occurred in Limoelo last summer and was caused by an electronic device. 15 people were evacuated from their homes.

“It’s electronic equipment that has a battery inside, and the lithium battery is to blame,” explains Mr. Daigle.

These fires can be caused by scooters, bicycles, electric scooters, smartphones, tablets, or laptops. These are devices powered by lithium-ion batteries.

“These are devices that are not normally dangerous in the condition in which they are received. Depending on the wear we make of them, depending on the maintenance we do, they can present risks,” notes Montreal Fire Department spokeswoman Louise Desrosiers.

To protect yourself from the risk of fire, you must remain present when recharging a device and respect the maximum time allowed for recharging. It is also important to protect the battery from potential heat sources and to read the manufacturer’s instructions.

“These devices, it’s really important to make sure you understand how to use them,” says Ms. Desrosiers.

For electric bikes or scooters, it is recommended to use the original charger. For electric cars, fires are fortunately infrequent.

“We are talking about a 0.03% chance that an electric car has a battery problem and that it burns, compared to a 3% chance of a gasoline car,” said the president of the Federation of Electric Vehicles of Quebec, Simon-Pierre Rio.

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