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Increased collisions with animals on our roads

Increased collisions with animals on our roads

Accidents affecting animals on the roads of Quebec are increasing. The number of collisions rose 5% in one year, according to data obtained by TVA Nouvelles.

There were 6,090 wildlife collisions last year, while in 2020, 5,781 accidents were reported.

This situation is explained, in particular, by the return to a more normal life in the context of the epidemic. Traffic flow dropped dramatically at the start of the health crisis.

Statistics include incidents involving white-tailed deer, moose, bears, caribou, and other species.

In Bas Saint Laurent, the number of such accidents is increasing from 273 in 2020 to 289 last year. On the North Shore, 49 incidents with animals were reported in 2021, an increase of 11 from the previous year.

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) reminds drivers to adapt their driving in areas that indicate the presence of a large number of wildlife along the roads.

Vigilance is required, as these incidents often occur in the evening, at night or at dawn.

“When you’re crossing wooded roads, that’s a possibility at any time. So, you have to expect animals to be present at all times, you have to slow down, adapt your speed, you have to adapt to your driving, be prepared to react quickly, because an animal can show up” , a SAAQ spokesperson explains. Mario Vilancourt.

With the holiday period, many motorists find themselves in areas that they do not know much about. A call for caution has been issued.

People often go to areas they know very little about. “They go a long way, and that can increase the risk,” adds Mr. Vilancourt.

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