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Incidence by department in Paris and Ile-de-France

Incidence by department in Paris and Ile-de-France

Written by Julie M.

Health authorities continue to monitor the infection rate for each department as a benchmark to see if measures should be tightened or eased. To make life easier for Ile-de-France residents, here is a map of the infection rate by department in the Ile-de-France region and in Paris for Saturday, October 16, 2021, selected from data provided by the government.

how infection rate Whoever sections From Ile-de-France ? The most densely populated region in France isIle de France severely damaged by the first and then the second wave of COVID-19.

The government and health authorities use very specific criteria to determine the extent of the virus in each of the French departments: Infection rate for residents of all age groups, and the Incidence rate in the elderly, the most vulnerable COVID-19.

This is amazing Wednesday October 13, 2021 (standardized data), this incidence is on average 46.00 in France. employment Ile de France, this same rate gradually decreases again, reaching 67,50.

Moreover, public health France Determines that this infection rate The number of people who tested positive over a staggered week (RT-PCR and antigen tests combined) for the first time in more than 60 days represented the population size. It is expressed for 100,000 people It allows you to compare geographical regions with each other.

The incidence may fluctuate depending on screening activities and deadlines for reporting results. Each section is categorized by three colors: in red the sections with High infection rate, in orange those who have Average infection rate, in green, sections with a low incidence.

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Incidence rate (all age groups combined) by department, in this Ile-de-France Saturday 16 October 2021 :

big crown:

Evelyn (78): 67.4

Val d’Oise (95): 71,9

Eason (91): 61.2

Sin et Marne (77): 51,5

Little Crown and Paris:

Val de Marne (94): 75,0

Seine-Saint-Denis (93): 71,1

Hauts-de-Seine (92): 59,1

Paris (75): 77,8