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In turn, Philip Meysar to sign his contract with the Canadian

In turn, Philip Meysar to sign his contract with the Canadian

The Canadian announced yesterday the signing of Juraj Slafkovsky, the first choice in the latest auction. But now DG Kent Hughes is not unemployed, he is the one who also put his contract on Filip Mesar, the 26th choice in total.

We are, of course, talking about a three-year entry contract.

The amount of money he will get will be an average of $950,000 per year, which is a record amount for a young player in his first decade. In such a situation, there is no possible room for maneuver.

Where it can change is the rewards. And in his case, no performance bonus is included.

Earlier this morning my colleague Maxim Truman made it clear that Slavkowski would be eligible to receive significant bonuses on the margins of his entry contract. He negotiated a good deal with the Canadians.

Or in fact, his agent negotiated something right.

This means that the first two options are now subject to a contract, but under completely different conditions. If Slave does well, he will be able to provide large meals for his friend, for example.

Mesar too, but you get what I meant.

Mesar has been looking good in the rookie camp for the past few days. It’s a good omen, but we know he won’t be ready for the National Hockey League this season. So we’ll have to wait to see him in Montreal.

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We know he wants to play in North America this year. Will he go to the beginners? downstream? That remains to be a sight.

Many of

Reminder: Kent Hughes will speak at 1 p.m.

– The Canadian wakes up.

Failing to get a good club in the NHL…

– Logic.

– The Joker, ungrafted, will not be there.