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In the US, inflation is a major challenge

In the US, inflation is a major challenge

At a supermarket in Alhambra, California. An increase in food prices, rather than a decrease, “Showed signs of stabilization”Underlines the Société Générale. Frederic J. Brown/AFP

Despite the possibility of an impending recession, US economic activity remains on hold.

Almost everyone “Seems used to the idea of ​​an impending recession”, that “Businesses, consumers or markets. The US Federal Reserve chairman has stopped short of talking about a soft landing for the economy. Sums up investment firm Schroders in a year-end note. The US Federal Reserve will undoubtedly tighten its monetary policy. Economists expect rates to increase to 5.25% in the coming months from the current range of 4.25% to 4.5%.

Is mass being said? The central bank considers the risk of pushing the economy into recession next year. But the fall is not certain. Schroders expects a 1% drop, deviating from the consensus of +0.3% growth. “We forecast a small tech recession for the US in the first half of 2023, with GDP remaining flat for the rest of the year.Expected on his part…

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