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In the US, Democrats are one seat away from retaining the Senate |  Midterm elections in the United States

In the US, Democrats are one seat away from retaining the Senate | Midterm elections in the United States

Arizona’s incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly announced Friday that the Senate is currently tied 49-49, with two seats remaining, in Nevada and Georgia, four days after the US midterm elections.

It is enough for the Democrats to win one to maintain control of the Senate, because they will be able to use the vote of the vice president, Kamala Harris, to decide the ties, as provided by the Constitution.

In his victory speech, astronaut Mark Kelly on Saturday called on his opponent to turn the page.

We have seen what happens when leaders refuse to accept the truth and focus on the conspiratorial theories of the past rather than solving the challenges we face today. »

Quote from Mark Kelly, Democratic Senator from Arizona

Democratic Senator Mark Kelly at a campaign rally in Tucson.

Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Dietsch

His opponent, Blake Masters, who has strong support from Donald Trump, has not yet conceded defeat.

Affected by this setback, which adds to the other failures of his pony, Donald Trump shouted again at electoral fraud By refusing to accept the rule of the ballot box, as he has done since his defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

On the House side, Republicans appeared to be on course to regain a majority of seats, which will complicate the continued mandate of Joe Biden.

But their victory promises to be much shorter than was announced. On Saturday morning, NBC News projected a shaky five-seat majority for Republicans, with 220 elected to 215 for Democrats.

Nearly 20 opinion polls have yet to pass their verdict, however, mainly in California.

Because of high inflation, Republicans have long believed they had a way to win back both houses in this traditionally difficult election for the ruling party.

Possibility to settle accounts

The disappointing results sparked unrest among their elected officials in Congress, opening the door to the possibility of settling scores. In a letter revealed by Politico, senators asked Trump to postpone the vote to elect their leader to the Senate. This poses a challenge to the current official, Republican Mitch McConnell. We are all disappointed that the “red wave” did not materialize, and there are several reasons for thisThey write wanting to open a discussion on this topic.

Everyone is already thinking about the 2024 presidential election, with the prospect of seeing former President Donald Trump announce his candidacy in just three days from his Mar-a-Lago, Florida residence.

On Tuesday, President Trump will announce his candidacy for the presidency. It will be a very professional and elegant advertisementHis advisor Jason Miller confirmed Friday that he’s removed all the suspense.

Donald Trump’s nomination will be his third in the White House. Even if his influence on the Republican Party remains undeniable, he has appeared weak from the midterm elections and appears to want to move quickly to pull the rug out from under his opponents.

Ron DeSantis' triumphant speech with his family to cheer on fans in Tampa.

Ron DeSantis’ triumphant speech with his family to cheer on fans in Tampa.

Photo: dpa via getty Images / GIORGIO VIERA

Ron DeSantis, the new star of the far right

Among them is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who was re-elected with a victory and a new star for the hard right.

His success did not escape the billionaire who was chained this week to the mockery of his nickname. Rune of morals.

Coinciding with that calendar or not, Tuesday will also be the day of the release of the memoirs of another potential rival of Donald Trump, his former Vice President Mike Pence.

The 2024 election may look like a new version of the 2020 election: His then opponent, incumbent Democratic President Joe Biden, reaffirmed it this week. intention to run for a second term. But he made sure to postpone any final decision until next year.

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