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In the United States, employees are in a strong position

In the United States, employees are in a strong position

American companies have a shortage of manpower. ILWU, one of the strongest unions in the country, is in a strong position to win higher wages and better working conditions.

Washington Correspondent

The talks that have now begun between the union of 22,000 dock workers on the West Coast and the operators of the largest US ports once again illustrate the extraordinary level of strength occupied by workers in the United States for two years. American companies are strangled, whether small or large, whether they cover the industrial or service sectors Manpower shortage.

The logical consequence of this situation is: a sharp acceleration in wage increases. The average increase rate reached 5.6% in March, almost double what it had seen a year ago. In February 2020, when the epidemic began and unemployment fell to a fifty-year low, the average increase was 3.7%.

Significant pay rise

The International Long Shore and Warehousing Union (ILWU), one of the most powerful unions in the country, determines who can work for loading or unloading at 29 ports from San Diego to Seattle.

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