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In the United Kingdom, the worrying resurgence of Govt-19

In the United Kingdom, the worrying resurgence of Govt-19

The media does not talk much about it and Health Minister Sajid Javed does not see it “No reason to worry” For some cases of the new Deltacron variant – which is characteristic of the Omigron and Delta variants – however, experts are concerned that the Govt-19 epidemic is on the rise again in the United Kingdom.

In the last seven days, more than 534,000 new positive cases have been registered, an increase of 44% and the number of hospital admissions has begun to increase significantly (+ 22%), with more than 11,500 hospitalized patients. Currently 14,078 patients are being treated in the hospital mainly for SARS-CoV-2 infection. However, the number of patients with respiratory infections is very low (281) and deaths (within twenty-eight days of a positive test) are stable: about 105 per day in the last week. One in twenty has a positive test. The rate is one-thirtieth in Wales, one-thirteenth in Northern Ireland and one-eighteenth in Scotland (more than 5% of the population).

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These increases are currently attributed mainly to the new strain of the Omicron variant, BA.2, which may be 40% more contagious than the initial strain – but not a precursor, more malignant. In its latest REACT study (between February 8 and 1, 95,000 trials were conducted)Er March), Imperial College London estimates that as of February 21 (47.2%), almost half of all new positive cases were due to a BA.2 variant.

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Pressure on the General Hospital

“We have a vision of what it would be like to return to the pre-epidemic stage, but it’s not brilliant.” Underlines Financial Times John Edmunds, Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “The forecasts for spring peace may have been wrong. [du virus]There is constant pressure on the NHS [National Health Service, le système de santé public britannique] », Johnson joins the SAGE, a group of scientists advising the government.

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“The increased presence of the BA.2 subtype and the recent increase in infections among those over 55 years of age demonstrate that the epidemic is not over and that we should expect a strong cycle of the virus.” Dr Jenny Harris, managing director of the British Health Security Agency, warned in early March. But there is no doubt that the Johnson government will abandon the policy it mandated at the end of February. From February 24, positive individuals will no longer be forced to be isolated – wearing compulsory masks and vaccinated passports was dropped in January.

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