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In the United Kingdom, hunting spiders is popular

A syringe of baby syrup, plastic cups and a pair of pantyhose. Equipped with this equipment, Mike Waite does not collect waste: he is a “Spider Hunter Expert”, Count again Guardian, followed sixty people as they studied the Brentmoor Heath nature reserve in Surrey, south-east England.

The land is owned by the UK Ministry of Defense and the public is allowed to visit it. The season is great for hunting spiders as they emerge from hibernation. “We observe a pattern of family LycosidaeA Evercha arguada And a Dolomedes fimbriatus”, Lists the British daily. All in one morning.

“57,000 statements”

Mike Waite’s goal: to discover the greatest variety of spiders possible, “By installing a series of ‘caltrops’ at night”. This unusual practice has seen renewed interest in the UK in recent years. “The British Arachnological Society has received 57,000 reports of spider sightings so far this year” bottom line Guardian.

The Ministry of Defense is one of the UK’s largest landowners. belongs to him “169 sites of special scientific interest, meaning that nature is highly protected there”. And, among them, the site of Brentmoor Heath, one of the best places to hunt spiders.

The United Kingdom is a breeding ground for arachnids: more than 650 different species live there, and some are just waiting to be discovered. or rediscovered as expressed Guardian.

“Waite’s biggest discovery was in 2020, when he discovered a Alopegosa febrilisOne of England’s largest spiders, but thought to be extinct as no one has seen it since 1999.

Besides being an unusual hobby, spider hunting is useful for scientists. “Without the dedication of these visitors, we wouldn’t know how our spider fauna works.” Richard Gallen, a member of the British Society of Arachnology, explains.

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Spiders are known to provide clues about the health of the environment. According to security guard, The function of these animals should be well understood “How the Environment May Change in the Face of the Climate Crisis”.