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In the United Kingdom, environmentalists have condemned… for fueling the climate

Carlos Jazo/AFP Environmentalists have been convicted and jailed in the UK for wanting to incite climate change to justify their actions (pictured last October during the Britain Insulate siege in London’s Parliament Square).

Carlos Jazo/AFP

Environmentalists have been convicted and jailed in the UK for wanting to incite climate change to justify their actions (pictured last October during the Britain Insulate siege in London’s Parliament Square).

They were imprisoned because they wanted to plead their cause before environmental-justice. Here is a summary of the surreal story that rocked England these days. When they appeared before a London judge, several dozen environmentalists were given a truly unexpected ban: not to incite the climate crisis in their defense. For ignoring, three of them were jailed at the end of March.

In the fall of 2021, the group Isolate Britain, which is campaigned for better insulation of houses, roadblocks have multiplied. Their actions have angered many motorists and the conservative government, which wants to curb the right to protest. And they resulted in dozens, if not hundreds, of arrests, and the prosecution of 56 members of the group and at least 201 counts to answer to.” Disruption of public order “.

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a situation” Ridiculous »

Among these members, David Nixon, a 36-year-old former social worker, took part in a sit-in protest in central London on October 25, 2021. He and three other activists on trial with him were barred from discussing their motives. Violation of it was already considered a contempt of justice.

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At the trial, Judge Silas Reid confirmed that climate change or energy poverty were unrelated to the defendants’ guilt. gold,” Without it we have no security David Nixon told AFP. ” We should be allowed to mention the climate crisis wherever we go, especially in front of a jury “, he adds. The public needs disruptions ” Give an honest account of what we did and why we did it “.

For refusing to testify without mentioning the weather, David Nixon was eventually sentenced to eight weeks in prison, half of which he served behind bars. He did not seek to appeal. ” I know what I’m doing “, he further explained. Because for him, this condemnation Shows how ridiculous it is to go to jail in 2023 for citing climate change. Just to show how ridiculous it is, it suits me perfectly “.

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As for the initial offense of obstruction, all four defendants were found guilty and their sentences will be known soon.

not crimes” Done without reason »

Giovanna Lewis, 65, an elected local authority from the south of England, spent three-and-a-half weeks in jail after the same judge Silas Reid handed down a seven-week sentence. She returns to her subject: he calls it ” Contempt of justice, I’ll tell you the truth “, she stabs and refuses to be” Silenced “. and add: That is very unfair “,” We lost justice “. He continued, with Agence France-Presse, explaining ” I had to tell the truth and face the consequences “.

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Other activists, he said, were able to explain their motives and be released. Because another judge approves such speeches, but within a certain period.

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According to human rights lawyer Jodi Blackstock, the defendants involved in this lunar case lost ” Right to fair trial and effective defence “. Actually, ” They are not people who want to commit crime without reason “, underlines to AFP that this lawyer is involved Lawyers are responsible (or ” Lawyers are responsible In French), the lawyers vowed not to support fossil fuel projects or prosecute peaceful protesting environmentalists.

On Thursday, lawyers said they plan to appeal contempt of court charges on behalf of two of the three jailed activists. Good legal planA consortium that introduced a kitty to finance this call, condemned “ Disturbing results that silence climate protestors and undermine the vital role that both protest and jury trials play in our democracy. “.

In contrast, on March 31, a week after being sentenced three times, another British insulated activist, “” Disruption of public order Breach of prohibition without being prosecuted for contempt. Isolate Britain Appreciated by A A great victory for freedom of expression “. ” We will never know why Judge Reed backtracked on his bitter order “, the organization noted. Contacted by AFP, the British Ministry of Justice responded that it never comments on decisions handed down by an independent judge.

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