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59,8% des personnes décédées en raison du variant delta avaient au moins reçu une dose de vaccin.

In the United Kingdom, 50 of the 117 deaths of the delta variant were vaccinated: is it worrying?

Testing process – British authorities have released data on deaths caused by Indian variation across the channel, which raises concerns on social networks.

Question. After Anxiety – In fact to date it is unsubstantiated – Here, in the United Kingdom, deaths due to the same delta variation are of concern to many Internet users who have been vaccinated about the contamination of vaccinated people in Israel. In both cases, we are talking about the two most advanced countries in the world in terms of vaccines, so we take a sample of what might happen in the coming weeks or months in France or elsewhere.

what is that? British officials have revealed that 117 people have died across the channel from a previously known delta variation.In that event“However, of these, 50 were fully vaccinated (42.7% of the total) and 20 were primary vaccinated (17.1%). In other words, at least 59.8% of those who died from the delta variant received at least one dose of the vaccine. Internet users Covit-19 vaccines do not work or, A minima, Like a Persian lawyer writing on Twitter, I was amazed at their effectiveness: “If these figures are confirmed, one may wonder what the benefit of the vaccine is“. Are they a sign of vaccine failure or, conversely, good news, even if not very intuitive?”

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