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In the UK, the Conservative government is increasingly weak

In the UK, the Conservative government is increasingly weak

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Economy Minister Kwasi Kwarting defended his plan to revive growth during an address to the conservative Congress on Monday, 3 October. A few hours ago, he had given up one of his major actions. First admission of the failure of the government of Liz Truss.

With our correspondent in London, Mary Boyd

Kwasi Quarting did the right thing, according to some elected officials, while others found this rear pedal annoying, as a sign of incompetence.

Nadine Doris, the former minister close to Boris Johnson, who supported Liz Truss during the election campaign, called for early elections in the face of ” general panic “.

The prime minister and Kwasi Karting bowed to pressure. The minister acknowledged this on Monday: it was hard. I’ll be honest, I know the plan presented ten days ago caused some upheaval. I understand, I understand. We are listening. And we listened. »

So the 45% income tax cut for the wealthy is no longer appropriate. But in the party, votes are still rising.

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Two questions now arise. Can Kwasi Quartnet remain in the position of counsellor? Can Liz Truss avoid defeat by Labor in the upcoming elections? According to one conservative, she will not stay in office for long.

The caucus opened its doors in a divided and bleak atmosphere, and the turn satisfied nothing.

Is that it [cette équipe gouvernementale] It’s hard to say today, maybe after all, that she’s not completely wrong after all, but at the moment the markets don’t buy their strategy at all and neither does the English language.