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«Nous sommes conscients qu'il s'agit d'un sujet sensible et toutes les circonstances seront examinées au cas par cas», explique Ikea.

In the UK, Ikea is legally reducing the disease benefits offered for non-vaccinated contact cases

The company will fully compensate for vaccinated employees and those who do not have the “elimination of circumstances”.

Ikea hardens the tone throughout the channel. Swedish furniture company has reduced the sickness benefits provided to its employees to the legal minimum for non-vaccinated contact cases (Legal sick pay) Thus they are. 96.35 per week, the latter is known to last ten days in isolation (seven in France), as opposed to the weekly average of 400, the British daily reports. Defender. Because in the United Kingdom, it is up to the employer to make these payments. Vaccinated contact cases do not need to be isolated.

Our approach to the elimination of COVID-19 has evolved since September 20, 2021, following changes in the vaccine release and government isolation requirements – developed with our community partnersKe, said a spokesman for Ikea in the United Kingdom. The company will continue to provide compensation to vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees.Deleting situations”, For example in the case of pregnancy. “We know this is an important point, and all situations will be explored on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, anyone with doubts or concerns about their situation is encouraged to speak with their manager.», Continues the speaker.

Asked by Le Picaro, Maître Savelli, co-lawyer in labor law at Sagan Avocats, says there is nothing illegal. “The situation is changing against Ikea, which initially set the benefits for the disease above the minimum..


According to the British media, the Morrisons supermarket chain has taken mandatory action in front of the furniture seller. These companies are trying to make up for what is not due to the Omicron variant: after incentives with free leave to be vaccinated, they go to jail. Water distributors will take similar action until Monday after registering what was not registered due to the Wessex water virus. On January 12, nearly 130,000 cases were detected in the UK, bringing the total to one million in the last seven days. However, this figure is 20% lower than the previous week.

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Will there be a comparable situation in France? “It seems completely impossible to me. Equal rights will be violated“Comments Maitre Bensussan, International Lawyer:”We have the Constitution; They do not“In France, health insurance covers strikes.

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