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In the mind of Hubert Lenoir...

In the mind of Hubert Lenoir…

Hubert Lenoir hit hard with his debut album, Darlene, in 2018. Three years later, he has managed to surpass himself even more Picture of yourself: music live.

This double disc – about an hour long – is very unique and meant to be your “fall album event,” no less. Here we are entitled to enjoy one of the best rides of 2021, if not in the last few years. Yes it is that good.

recognized, picture of yourself (which means “drawing for oneself” in Latin) deserves special attention. You have to invest time in it to accommodate the 20 tracks that make up the entire album. “This album was made to be uncomfortable at times,” Hubert stated in the pamphlet.

Over listening – we should be in a dozen – we keep making discoveries. Inspired by direct cinema, Hubert Lenoir put many disparate recordings there throughout the disc. The experimental exercise is very disconcerting at first. Some demo songs also mix shoulders with other high-profile tracks.

But this mess makes sense and we really enjoy listening picture of yourself In order, like watching a movie. Listening to this album, A Journey Through Quebec, Montreal, and Paris, it’s like we’re on top of a songwriter. after the movie Being John MalkovichHey, here’s the album Being Hubert Lenoir.

With picture of yourself, we are in the presence of an openly tormented artist–talking about intimidation, gender identity, dark ideas–and super talented people who don’t care about tradition. This is a troublesome and disciplined act that will live in us for a long time.

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picture of yourself

Live music: ★★★★ 1⁄2