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In the middle of a blizzard, a reporter screeches duplex after duplex.

In the middle of a blizzard, a reporter screeches duplex after duplex.

He didn’t act for a second. Mark Woodley, A journalist The American from the KWWL chain made no secret of his exhaustion Terrible Storm Elliottfell on America At the end of the week, report HuffPost.

The reporter had to go to Iowa to gather news Blizzard and fall Snow. Mark Woodland, a journalist by default JokeThe “best” of her duplexes was posted on Twitter last Thursday, where we see her sarcastically answering the hosts’ questions on set. Video It has already received 7.5 million views.

Published in the morning

“There’s no better time to ask a sports guy to get here five hours earlier than usual, stay out in the wind, snow and cold, and tell people not to do the same,” joked the American journalist at the beginning of the video. Between the sarcasm and the fake smile, the reporter did not hide his disappointment.

Chilled by the snow and wind, he repeatedly encouraged viewers to keep watching the show to see his “deteriorating mood”. At dawn he reveled in the breeze, thus relieving him of his duties. The only moment in the video where you see Mark Woodland genuinely laugh!

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If this video made you smile and laugh, America’s center is still hurt Extreme and dangerous weather. Millions of Americans are currently without power and Hurricane Elliott has already claimed 13 lives across the country.