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In Sun Valley, 'Billionaire Summer Camp' Began

In Sun Valley, ‘Billionaire Summer Camp’ Began

Every year since 1983, the heads of the world’s most influential corporations have gathered in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Private planes on the tarmac, indicating the response of the guests. The heads of some of the world’s most influential companies have arrived in Sun Valley, Idaho, at the invitation of private investment fund Allen & Co., which has advised Facebook in particular to acquire WhatsApp or Google and Facebook. Business leaders have been meeting every summer since 1983 for a week during which they meet political, cultural, philanthropic, media and fashion figures. In 2017, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, then White House advisers for several months, visited Sun Valley For the so-called “Billionaire Summer Camp”.

Guests pictured on Tuesday include Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Bob Iger (Disney), Reed Hastings (Netflix), Mickey Makitani (Rakuten) or former New York mayor and 2020 Democratic primary candidate Michael Bloomberg. On the media side, celebrity hosts Anderson Cooper (CNN) and Gayle King (CBS) attended. It is also expected, in the coming days, that Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Tim Cook (Apple) will attend this gathering that was not held last year due to the pandemic and during which conferences and private meetings are organized.

Secrecy surrounds these summer meetings where some major decisions are made. according to NPRDuring one of these retreats in Sun Valley, billionaire Jeff Bezos decided to buy the Washington Post.

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