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Dans l'├ępuisette de l'agent de la Ville de Poitiers, des nids de moustique tigre.

In southern Poitiers, residents are fighting the spread of the tiger mosquito

Today it bites without making any sound. Unlike its common mosquito cousin, the tiger does not attack you at night, but the pain is stronger. Residents of the Poitiers-Sud-Beljoan region know something about it. Since 2020, it has multiplied so much that the city decided to limit its spread. Agents go door to door, visit gardens and give advice on how to eradicate them. Of the 824 homes that were given a calling card, 400 residents agreed to visit.

The female lays about 200 eggs

Pascal’s Park, 8 May 1845 Street, is a paradise for the tiger mosquito. Black point: water collector. Nicolas Deveautour explains, “We verify that it is tightly closed, Technician in the Department of Health and Public Health in the city of Poitiers. There we see that there is a hatch on the lid, there is also water on the lid and by lifting, we see the larvae. These larvae grow and become adults. Females can lay up to 200 eggs.

Clean stagnant water

So it is necessary to avoid spreading “Cut the water for tiger mosquitoes”, According to the advertising campaign of the regional health agency Nouvelle-Aquitaine. must therefore Remove standing water where she lays eggs. It is advisable to empty the cups of flower pots, animal bowls, folds of tarpaulins, and also for storing children’s toys, wheelbarrows and trailers.

The city guarantees that the situation is not alarming at the moment compared to a city like Bordeaux. But the tiger mosquito can transmit diseases such as chikungunya or dengue fever. Reason for hope is the same: Very few travel to live within a radius of 150 metres.