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In Sound Mind: Discover the horror in the new animated music video from The Living Tombstone and Mashed!

Modus GamesIn collaboration with the famous cartoonist mashed And the musical feeling Witness the living graveToday, he unveils a new horrifying animated clip of In a sound mind Which highlights the dangers lurking around every corner. The video has the extension . The painful musical theme of the psychiatrist Desmond Wells, the main character in the game.

Check out the new In Sound Mind animation clip below:

In order to provide an unforgettable experience for the players, In a sound mind It will be launched in September 28and the copy Nintendo Switch will arrive later.

Players who want to download the demo and add files Game Wish List on Steam if they are ready to embrace the horror that the game holds.

Remember that this game was developed by We make thingsThe team behind the design nightmare house 2In Sound Mind is a first-person horror experience that puts players against the dangers lurking in their dark past. Powered by the spooky soundtrack of The Living Tombstone, In Sound Mind turns seemingly ordinary memories into terrifying nightmares, all accompanied by a mysterious talking cat.

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