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Raymond et Colette ont tenu à être présents lors de la remise de don à l

In Segré, great friendship in League Against Cancer space in Maine-et-Loire

Raymond and Colette were eager to be present at the donation ceremony at the Space Against Cancer League in Maine-et-Loire, Anjou Bleu, in Segre, Friday, July 2, 2021, to express their thanks. (© Haut Anjou)

Looking at the old patients in the dining room Sigri (Main-et-Loire)And the Friday 2 July 2021, Volunteer Coordinator of the Du Cancer Association Maine i Loire to Anjou blueMonique Gasnier admitted her admiration for the solidarity that was created.

Registered since November 2019, the year of the opening of the Ligue de l’Anjou bleu space, Raymond, 72 years and Colette, 70 years old, witnessed the birth of a strong bond.

They explained, “We’ve known each other before but over the months, a friendship developed.”

much appreciated

These two diseases have recently been affected retired Previously in social and banking services, proposed activities such as discussion group were followed.

“This makes it possible to meet people with the same problem,” Colette explains. “It is easier to talk about it there than with relatives. We will trust more because we are so well received.”

We pledge not to disclose what has been said.”

Raymondretired social

Shared opinion by Raymond. “A support group can be intimidating at first, but in the end everyone says what they want,” he continues. “We pledge not to disclose what has been said.”

The latter also reviewed the benefits of the adapted physical activities provided by the volunteers.

“Exercise helps to tolerate treatments and their side effects,” he says. “I was taking Pilates classes to work on deep bodybuilding.”

Annoyed by imprisonment

In the face of the epidemic Raymond and Colette He had to take distance education. “I had more problems, it was more complicated for me,” Colette admits. “It’s hard to define yourself,” continues Raymond, who did not make a video.

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On the road to recovery, the two friends can only “praise” the Cancer-fighting Space League. Anjou blue.

They laugh: “In the future, we can open a club for former league members, who knows.”

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