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In Saint-Quentin, Espace Aluminum du Vermandois continues its transformation

In Saint-Quentin, Espace Aluminum du Vermandois continues its transformation

Paul Gironde, the founder of the company, likes to remind you that he was a pioneer in his field, aluminum joinery manufacturing and installation, when he founded in 1987 Aluminum Vermando area At Zac La Vallée in Saint-Quentin.

The company is evolving and developing but when the mortgage crisis hits in 2012, Paul Gironde says again, he feels that the company must make a fresh start and that this transformation will not happen withoutdigital transformation, necessary for “Producing more for less”.

If Paul Gironde has knowledge and experience in his field of activity, then it is his daughter Aude and companion Olivier Rocher who turn to the introduction of digital technology in the workshops.

The young couple then joined the company in 2014 before buying it four years later. “We have a full-fledged design office of six peoplebegins Aude Gironde before explaining: We only design and manufacture custom parts, and have no stock. Since 2017, the company has invested in the purchase of a digitally controlled saw and test bench, striving to improve time spent on construction sites. We should design the carpentry as much as possible, it is a delicate task, we have to take into account the peculiarities of the site, in fact we put a finished product on a site in progress. »

new dimension

The next step in the continuous improvement process initiated by the new managers is related to digitization, “We’ve been working on it for two years, have over 200,000 references available, and the digital tool is essential”Aude Gironde details.

“The company suffered a loss of sales during the health crisis, €2.4 million in 2021, compared to €3 million in 2018, but today the order book is full, with beautiful achievements in the perspective of Saint-Quentin, Aisne, as well as Oasis and the North. We have an adaptable tool It allows us to respond to any type of construction site, including private homes, we install all kinds of windows and doors, we install balconies, facades, curtain walls … We worked in the form of a boomerang building in Reims, a very beautiful architectural reference that opened the door to markets of dimensions New »The young captain rejoices.

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The saw and digital test bench were installed in the workshops in 2017.