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In pictures |  Elizabeth II and her queen bid farewell to Prince Philip

In pictures | Elizabeth II and her queen bid farewell to Prince Philip

The United Kingdom celebrated a minute of silence on Saturday as the royal family gathered at the funeral of Prince Philip, who for more than seven decades has tirelessly supported Elizabeth II and her crown.

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The Duke of Edinburgh will be buried on the grounds of Windsor Castle, where Philip took his last breath on April 9 after a life of loyal service to the royal since his marriage 73 years before “Lillibett”.

A few days before her 95th birthday, the Queen lost the person who had been in the words of “her power” and “her support,” who had taken a back seat since his coronation in 1952. He was known for his frankness and humor that sometimes condoned racism or sexism, and was 100 years old. On June 10th.

Conditions helped, the Duke of Edinburgh’s wish to avoid a grand funeral would command more respect than he initially imagined.

Under health rules in England, only 30 people will attend – instead of 800 – and they are disguised and far apart. An approach intended to show that the safes do not suffer from an exception, and was received in London by Roger Charles Bracken, who came to contemplate in front of Buckingham Palace, “because other people who lost a loved one had to deal with it. These restrictions.”

Although the public has been urged not to gather outside royal residences due to the pandemic, Windsor is teeming with onlookers and locals, within reach.

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Before the funeral, the palace released a selfie of the Queen and Prince Philip smiling in the grass of Caingorms National Park in Scotland in 2003.

The newspapers took an approach centered on Elizabeth II, with the headline in The Times “The Queen Farewell.”

Circumstances helped, the Duke of Edinburgh’s wish to avoid a funeral would be respected even more than he initially imagined.

Although the public has been urged not to gather outside the royal residences due to the pandemic, Windsor is already in turmoil.

“There are hundreds of us, but this is a big event. It only happens once in every generation,” Mark, 57, told AFP. “There will be a lot of people.”

To be extra cautious, Alberto Barocas, who runs a restaurant in the tea room in an alley near the castle, does not expect to welcome “many clients” into his balcony, “except for journalists!” Present in the number.

In national mourning since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh on April 9, the United Kingdom has been called to observe a minute of silence at 3 pm local time, at the start of the religious ceremony.

Covered with his personal standards, his sword, his naval energy and a wreath, at the end of the morning his coffin left the Castle Chapel of the Castle Hall.

The funeral, which will be broadcast on television, will reflect the military past proudly carried by the long-life record-breaking prince in British history, who fought in the Navy during World War II.

Consequently, the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army will be present in Windsor to welcome the coffin – covered with his personal sign and sword – which will be transported aboard an elaborate military green Land Rover that the Duke of Edinburgh helped design himself. .

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The Grenadier Guards Corps, in which Philip was a colonel for 42 years, will lead the procession to St.George’s Chapel, where the religious ceremonies will be held.

The Dean of Windsor has to be praised for his “unwavering loyalty” to the Queen, his “courage,” his “spirit strength” and his “faith,” according to previously disclosed excerpts.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin, will bless and meet the Anglican spiritual leader at the end of his service.

For the Windsors, this funeral is also an opportunity for them to reunite after recent crises.

This is the first time since his massive withdrawal from the monarchy and his transatlantic departure that Prince Harry will find the royal family in public, shaded by accusations of racism and indifference that he and his wife wear – even if she wore them in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, who is pregnant with their second child, remains in the United States on the advice of her doctor.

United in 1997, after their mother Diana’s coffin, siblings William and Harry will follow in the same line to follow their grandfather’s coffin. But their cousin Peter Phillips will happen between them, a choice that has been widely commented on in the press.

But when it comes to clothing, the British royal family will strive to present a united front. Everything would be in civilian clothes, to avoid distinguishing between Princes Andrew and Harry, both of whom are very attached to the military but have withdrawn from the monarchy.

Even if he still belonged to the Navy, the uniformed appearance of Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second son and former helicopter pilot, would have looked bad given his friendship with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was sued for trafficking charges.

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At the end of the ceremony, the coffin will be lowered into the “Royal Vault,” a crypt where it will remain until the Queen joins him there upon his death. Thereafter, the couple will be reunited after having another place in the memorial chapel for King George VI, father of Elizabeth II.