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In October, the 30th anniversary of the Fête de la science - Crozon

In October, the 30th anniversary of the Fête de la science – Crozon

Putting “science at your doorstep” is a slogan Science FestivalOrganized jointly with Espace sciences des rias itinérant, the Cap des étoiles association, under the auspices and coordination of the Ministry of Research and Coordination, Finistère, by Océanopolis.

Planetarium, exhibitions and shows …

Indefatigable former researcher Genevieve Terrier, former CNRS researcher, details the 2021 program eagerly: “In addition to the planetarium, which will be installed in Crozon, Camarette, Lanvioque and then Rosnoin over the four weekends of October, exhibits are on loan by CNRS is exceptional, as are the documentaries presented this year.” Among these, the scientist particularly recommends “Carbon sinks, a chance for climate” and “The mysterious volcano of the Middle Ages”, which will be shown at the Maison du temps libre in Crozon and in the marine area of ​​Lanvéoc.

The origins of life in Crozon

Next weekend, the Science Village moves to Crozon, with Origins of Life as its main theme, before leaving for Camarette for the weekend of October 9 and 10. In Lanvéoc, Saturday 16 October and Sunday 17 October, the chosen theme is climate, while this past weekend, Rosnoën hosts exhibitions on space.

Within reach, young and old, these events around science, once again this year, should meet their audience. Genevieve Terrier hopes, “Encourage vocations among young people…because we need scholars!”


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