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In New York, vaccination is mandatory for employees

In New York, vaccination is mandatory for employees


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In the United States, many experts are talking about the record of Covit-19 pollution. About 265,000 cases are registered every week in the country. The government is strongly encouraging employers to make vaccination compulsory in private companies.

In New York (United States), some have already taken the mandatory vaccination measure to work. At a restaurant in central Manhattan, fifteen employees are vaccinated at the request of their employer. “I have only one or two employees who are not comfortable with the idea of ​​vaccinating. They understood that they could not come to work here“, Scott Hart testified.

All employees in the private sector were required to be vaccinated in New York on Monday, December 27, just as municipal officials and banking employees were vaccinated a few weeks ago. “We do not really want a cluster in the restaurant, otherwise we will lose our job. I lost my job last year because of Govt, and it was so hard“, One of the staff at Scott Heart Restaurant testified. New York City Hall goes further The government’s decision to give vaccination duty to companies with more than 100 employees will take effect on January 3.

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