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In New York, police are searching for a homeless killer

In New York, police are searching for a homeless killer

New York police have called on witnesses to find the man who opened fire twice Saturday morning on a homeless man sleeping on the street, one of whom died, the crime said.WorseTo Mayor Eric Adams.

According to preliminary investigations, the suspect first fired at a 38-year-old man who was wounded in the early hours of the morning in Lower Manhattan.

Then, just before 5:00 pm on Saturday (2:00 GMT), in the same area, another person with head and neck injuries was found dead in his sleeping bag. According to CCTV footage, the suspect shot him at around 6:00 am while he was asleep, shortly after the first incident. “These actions are obvious and awkward“Democratic Mayor Eric Adams lamented Saturday evening.”2 people who were sleeping on the street were shot dead. They committed no crime, they slept on the streets“, He rebuked.

Eric Adams and police are calling on tens of thousands of homeless people in New York to avoid difficult sleep and join emergency camps in the city of nearly 9 million people.

Large numbers of homeless people are sleeping on the streets of New York, and the Democratic mayor, who took office on January 1, announced plans to evacuate migrants in a massive underground tunnel network in mid-February, especially when temperatures are often high in winter. Lower below 0 C.

The project has been poorly received by some associations, including the Alliance for the Homeless, and has responded. “People settle in the subway because they have no better place to go“.

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