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Le centre de vaccination de Meslay-du-Maine (Mayenne) continue de tourner, mercredi 25 août 2021. Mais les habitants sont moins inquiets du virus du Covid-19.

In Meslay-du-Maine, the virus is spreading but “we are used to it and live with it”.

It’s 3pm, and it’s quiet in Meslay-de-Maine, in Maine, on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. One of the only activities comes from the municipal vaccination centre, in the Socio-Cultural Community Room. People are coming in and leaving at a good pace. Good news since thenThe prefecture is concerned that the virus will spread further in the department.

In the community of Meisley Grays Municipalities, The infection rate is 152 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, it is above the increased alert threshold. corn The feeling of residents is not really worrying. “On the level of Covid, we must not say that things are going badlyJackie decides for whom.We are far from the psychosis we experienced a year ago“.

“We come to underestimate”

Is it recklessness or denial? Not really since Charles, the 24-year-old operator of the site assured us: “I haven’t calmed down from my vigil and don’t notice it around me at work or with family.” He has come to receive a second shot of the vaccine to protect himself and the people he comes into contact with on a daily basis.

At the Grands Jardins pharmacy in Meslay-du-Maine (Mayenne), preparers note that patients are less stressed by Covid-19, without being less alert. © Radio France
Theo Bucher

But, as Claude sums it up, “(the virus) It is everywhere so you get used to it and live with it. It may not be a good idea to say it but sometimes we underestimate itSpeech on the ground contradicts the inclination of the authorities. And this is the observation made by Maxnes, working in a pharmacy setting at the Grands Jardins de Meslay-du-Maine. Communication with customers about the outbreak has decreased in recent weeks : “We feel that patients are less stressed, anxious and happier. We are so used to this virus, without quitting at the barrier gestures. But we’ve removed the protective glass from our counters and that’s something patients appreciate.

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Elevator can hardly be seen

Are county authorities doing a lot by talking about “A significant increase“or”worsening of the epidemiological situationThat’s not the opinion of Dr. Jocelyn Delahaye, a GP at the city’s health center:It is true that the figures that come from the national and administrative level are difficult to apply at the local level. Since the beginning of the week, we have seen four cases of Covid from the beginning. It looks very little and it doesn’t appear that way. But we have a significant uptick since the beginning of August, with only one case detected per week.

In his office in Meslay-duMaine, Dr. Jocelyn Delahaye saw more Covid patients this week from Wednesday, August 25, 2021 than at the beginning of the month.  But he wants to remain optimistic.
In his office in Meslay-duMaine, Dr. Jocelyn Delahaye saw more Covid patients this week from Wednesday, August 25, 2021 than at the beginning of the month. But he wants to remain optimistic. © Radio France
Theo Bucher

There is There is still an increase in Covid-19 cases over the weeks. Tuesday, August 10, more than two weeks ago, the infection rate was half higher At a rate of 61 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. There are 123 cases as of Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

More strict procedures on wearing a mask?

Dr. Delahaye adds that these cases often run in families, limiting the idea of ​​a wider spread in the region. but he wants Be careful, without panicEspecially with the start of the school year approaching:Everyone has made an effort, and the province of Maine is still preserved for now. But you should not lose your good habits, that would be very bad!

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The appeal was also examined in September, in a few days, by the county. does not rule out takingStricter measures if we find the situation is getting worseFor example, This can consist of an extension to wearing the mask. The county is also calling on event organizers to make mask-wearing mandatory for spectators.