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François Pervis, septuple champion du monde de cyclisme sur piste, est présent à l'Espace Mayenne pour cette fête du Tour.

In Laval, Espace Mayenne celebrates cycling before the Tour de France passes

We are all eagerly awaiting the Tour de France at home in Maine on June 30th. To wait until then and get in the mood, the management organizes on Sunday 13 June a Fête du Tour in Espace Mayen de Laval, time trial access point. Group visits, limited to 20 people at a time, due to the health crisis, but that does not prevent visitors from benefiting. The bike is good at a party.

Visitors are first entitled to discover the Espace Mayenne, such as this room which will soon host Gim, basketball and boxing matches. It seats 4500 places but there is more crazy. velodrome It is outside its circumference of 250 meters and can reach speeds of 80 kilometers per hour.

On this concrete track, runners can reach 80 km/h. © Radio France
Auror Richard

What’s so good about Corentin who takes the opportunity to take some pictures. “I’ve seen velodromes before, but I’ve never seen such an international prestige. I can’t wait to try this out at the time of competition. And with François Pervis, we will serve on the show‘, according to the estimates of this young man residing in Laval.

Signatures and photos… Francois Pervis takes care of his fans

The star is really it, François Pervis, and Seven-time world champion in cycling And that’s fine, it’s right there. It takes the time to chat with the visitors, for their great happiness.

Another attraction for visitors. They can do the last mile of a bike time experience, or roughly, on a bike connected to augmented reality. Six will be installed on June 30 for the Tour de France lane. On the evening of Sunday, June 13, Mark Madiot, Mayenne’s team manager for Groupama-FDJ also made the trip to Espace Mayenne.

Six bikes with augmented reality will be installed on June 30th so you can also take part in this test time.
Six bikes with augmented reality will be installed on June 30th so you can also take part in this test time. © Radio France
Auror Richard

For the fifth stage of the Tour de France in Mayenne, meet on June 30 this time between Changé and Laval. Experience event at France Bleu Mayenne.