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In Landerneau, a new co-working space, with the letter "K" as Kéranden - Landerneau

In Landerneau, a new co-working space, with the letter “K” as Kéranden – Landerneau

Officially, the commercial operation of Keranden Manor, in Landerneau, with seven offices and nomadic co-working spaces that can accommodate about thirty workers, as well as meeting rooms, will not open until September. But the promoters of the future third place who will settle, at the beginning of the school year, in the palace are already working on the task of preparing a place in a semi-final formation after the failed experiment of “The Corner”, who failed to turn the attempt.

Seminars and workrooms, shared or individual offices: almost everything is already ready to welcome the nomadic workers or ordinary residents who will join the collective adventure. Third place now has a registered name: “K”, as Keranden, to anchor the project a bit more in its new Landern roots.

“give your time”

“Because the idea is not to move the Greenhouse from Plougastel to Landerneau, even if some people come and settle here,” explains Fanny Evenat, Events and Animation Project Manager. With its 30 members, half residents and half nomadic workers, Plougastel’s third place is running at full speed. The ambition is to develop the same spirit of mutual business and mutual assistance at Landerneau. “The third place belongs to the people who do it. The idea is to give a little money but also your time and your ideas.”

Besides renting workspaces or seminar rooms, which is the primary occupation of the place and represents the economic feasibility of the project, the third center is first and foremost a place for life and exchanges. “We also want to use the place to organize exhibitions, to work to promote the Breton language…” explains Matthew Le Gerne, photographer, designer and artistic coordinator of the project, who decided to settle in Landerno in order to implement in parallel with his professional activity with the Lafayette workshops. A work that the promoters of the project intend to build with the actors in the region.

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A room for creativity

But it is clear that it is about the promoters of professional projects that the Greenhouse managers direct their thinking. This will result in the creation of a Training Center and Design Center, providing innovative services to companies, under the direction of Sabine Klein, coach and facilitator. Turnkey support proposals that can enable individual entrepreneurs, who make up a large part of the clients of this type of space, to break out of their relative isolation. Fanny Evinat asserts that “the third places are clearly places where people meet.” The best ideas often come from sharing.


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