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In Jerusalem, anti-Netanyahu celebrates 'victory'

In Jerusalem, anti-Netanyahu celebrates ‘victory’

About twenty meters from the very safe official residence of Prime Minister Ofir Rubinsky, a father familiar with the protests against Netanyahu, nicknamed babyHis joy could not be hidden.

For us, it’s a big night and tomorrow will be an even bigger day. I’m about to cry. We fought in peace for this and this day is coming

Quote from:Ofir Rubinsky, one of the protesters

Netanyahu only sought to divide us, one part of society against another, but tomorrow we will unite, right, left, Jews, Arabs, adds Mr. Rubinsky, who for the future Prime Minister, save for a last-minute reversal, Naftali Bennett, Make the right decision By joining a coalition they change.

Depuis près d’un an, des Israéliens manifestent devant la résidence officielle du premier ministre, rue Balfour, dans le center de Jérusalem, pour réclamer le départ de M. Nétanyahou, jugé pour corruption, malversation et abusé de pouvoir Affairs.

Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, leaders of the new government coalition

Photo: Reuters/Ammar Awad

Sunday trust vote

And this Saturday gathering may be the last, like Parliament is scheduled to meet on Sunday To vote of confidence to approve the draft coalition they change Gathering the left, center and right parties and the Arab formation.

Under the terms of the coalition agreement, Mr. Bennett will succeed Benjamin Netanyahu for two years, before being replaced by Yasser Lapid.

It’s the last Saturday in Balfour Square. we won. The Knesset tomorrow [Parlement] He will vote and this Prime Minister will leave. I’m not nervous! It’s good, it’s over, he’s leaving, says Ghali Israel Tal, the 62-year-old protester.

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We’ll sleep with our shoes open and one eye open

Vuvuzela screaming, drumming, Hebrew shirt signature baby for you(Netanyahu exonerates), about 2,000 protesters, including former army chief Moshe Ya’alon, took part in the protest.

But other anti-Netanyahu protest organizers say they fear the prime minister, whom some have described as a political magician, pulls a rabbit out of his hat to stay in power at the last minute.

We are about to end a dark era for Israel, notes Ram Shamir, one of the protesters for whom the anti-Benjamin Netanyahu protests year Definitely Contributed to the end of his reign. And to add: We’ll sleep with our shoes open and one eye open […].