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In Japan, retirees misappropriate 200,200 Govt checks sent by US - West-France evening edition

In Japan, retirees misappropriate 200,200 Govt checks sent by US – West-France evening edition

Japanese retirees have received false checks from US tax authorities. Value: 4 1,400, or about 200 1,200 The British newspaper says Financial Times. Descriptions.

This is the unexpected thirteenth month! According to the British business daily Financial Times , Rest The Japanese Residence in the archipelago recently acquired, “By mistake”, A “Govt check” with face value $ 1,400 Or about 200 1,200. They were sent by US tax authorities!

From 9 1.9 trillion stimulus plan These checks, placed last March by the administration of current US President Joe Biden, should only be sent to US citizens or foreigners residing in the United States.

Recipient error

But really, thousands of checks have been sent to Japanese retirees living in Japan! The U.S. administration has not commented on this financial generosity.

According to Japanese newspaperUnder the Social Security Agreement between Japan and the United States, which came into force in October 2005, checks were reportedly sent to some Japanese workers based on pensions paid by US tax authorities.

Thus, many of the retirees who received money in 2021 worked in their careers in the United States before returning to the country. This is the case of a 79 – year – old retired couple from Kanagawa.

Are “more than 100 countries” involved?

The latter worked for many years on American soil for a Japanese company in the 1980s. “There’s so much money to spend in America, they give it to foreigners like me who lived there about 40 years ago.”, He jokes in the columns of a local newspaper Asahi Shimpan, Taken from the website Wise .

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After acknowledging these beautiful mistakes, Uncle Sam’s tax services asked the recipients of these checks not to be misled and to write the words “zero” on their backs and send them back to United. In the states.

However, the problem does not only affect Japan because the checks were sent incorrectly “More than 100 countries”, US Cabinet Sprintax & Transformat Vice President Enda Kelleher explains to Japanese newspaper Nikki Asia .