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In his castle, Boris Johnson divides voters

In his castle, Boris Johnson divides voters


Ahead of the local elections on Thursday, May 5, the RFI visited Boris Johnson’s Uxbridge constituency in Greater London. The prime minister is not a candidate, but the Labor opposition has framed its campaign against him.

With our correspondent in London, Emily Wine

The United Kingdom is set to vote on Thursday, May 5th. In Northern Ireland, the local assembly needs to be renewed. In other parts of the country, these are elections for specific local authorities. Most regional, regional elections, however, have the taste of a test: in recent months, the Conservative government has faced a number of popular crises, especially Downing Street Parties During imprisonment.

Labor candidate Jesse Durkur for the Uxbridge Local Council has been knocking on doors for the past two weeks to convince voters. ” Of course, we are told about the most local problems: garbage cans, roads … but more and more people are telling us that they are struggling, that the cost of living crisis is hurting themselves, and that there is a desire for change at home. And nationally. I really have the feeling that there is an evolution “, She explains.

Together with party executives, Jess Durkur tries to cheer up the people provoked by the boycott. Exam Goals: Those who have no faith in the government, Like Nick, is not decided yet. ” I no longer want to vote for the Conservative Party. I am not interested in local issues; As far as I am concerned, national questions, above all, make me hate the party. Was there “ Partygate », But, they have broken their campaign promises by raising taxes. The government is a disaster.

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But some in Oxbridge remain loyal to the local MP. Boris Johnson, And to his party. Conservative vote on the bill: I like Boris and think he does a good job. Admittedly, he should not have celebrated… but he got us out of Brexit, out of jail. Now let him run the country. The Labor Party has not controlled the local council since 1998.