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In Haute-Loire, a 4G antenna suspected of disturbing a herd of cows will be arrested

In Haute-Loire, a 4G antenna suspected of disturbing a herd of cows will be arrested

“From the top of my tractor, I can clearly see that they are just skin and bones. I will cry.” On the other side of the little road that runs along his property, a little further from the town of Mazeyrat-d’Allier, in Haute-Loire, Frédéric Sagères could see less than 300 meters away what he believed had caused problems with his cows: a mobile phone tower that had been Run by Orange on June 28, 2021. However, torn between anger and sadness, the breeder, who runs Gaec de Coupet with his wife Geraldine and brother Yannick, has regained hope. On May 23, the Clermont-Ferrand Administrative Court ordered the 4G antenna to be suspended for two months.

This measure, unprecedented in France, must be in effect within three months. The goal is to conduct an experiment for “To establish a possible causal relationship between the behavior of cattle and this antenna”. Administrative Court indicates “A significant decrease in the quality and quantity of milk produced, a serious disturbance of herd behaviour, voluntary underfeeding and abnormally high mortality.” In front of his herd of Bree Holstein, these black and white cows the champions of milk production, Mr. Sagir is heartbroken. “They are all skinnynotice. They no longer get up at night to eat and hardly drink. And this woman who is still standing with her jaw stuck to her side with her head down, we can see that she is not behaving normally! » And to add: “These cows, they are sad.”

His brother Yannick displays the Sodiaal calendar, the cooperative that collects milk every two days. Quantities are carefully stated there. In June 2021, the average was 4200 liters. On July 3, less than a week after the antenna went live, Slgagues registered 3,792 liters. In the following days, the decline was astounding: it reached 2,700 liters at the end of the month.

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Since then, production has not rebounded. Added to this are other difficulties. “We had 40 head of cattle dead in eleven months compared to ten in normal times.” Reproduction becomes random. The Haute-Loire Sanitary Defense Group, an association that monitors animal health in cooperation with public authorities, is closely following the Gaec de Coupet. There are very disturbing phenomena in the behavior of animals with animals that neither eat nor drinknotes its director, Julian Bachelieri. We circled all the usual paths without highlighting any of them. » The quality of food or water, methods of breeding, the presence of diseases … Nothing can be distinguished. The autopsy showed nothing.

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