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In front of Congress, Joe Biden announces that America is "moving again"

In front of Congress, Joe Biden announces that America is “moving again”

Creating jobs, helping families, developing infrastructure, fighting climate change: During a 65-minute conversation, Joe Biden provided the key directions he would like to give to the United States, making a plea for ambitious reforms totaling trillions of dollars.

Joe Biden adopted different themes and tone from that of his predecessor, and praised first for the achievements of his young presidency, which centered on managing the pandemic.

He indicated that he had inherited a The nation is in crisis, Touched before The worst pandemic in a centuryAnd the The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression And by The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.

Now, after only 100 days, I can tell the nation: America is moving again. Turn risk into possibility. A crisis in an opportunity that must be seized. Decrease in strength.

Quote from:Joe Biden, President of the United States

In the past three months, the 46th President of the United States has notably issued a $ 1.9 trillion to save the economy, One of the largest corporations in US history, passed without a single Republican support Double the primary vaccination goal, With 200 million doses of the vaccine given in less than 100 days.

Similar to the State of the Union address, the president’s first speech to Congress, usually delivered in January or February, does not bear his official name. Typically, such rhetoric at the start of a first term is, logically speaking, more focused on vision for the future than on accomplishments, real or perceived.

But on the 99th day of his presidency, Joe Biden, who made clear the start of his term on managing COVID-19 and its economic impacts, already had a report to present. Initially, this first speech was scheduled to be delivered last February.

A political representative for forty years, Joe Biden has attended dozens of presidents’ speeches to elected officials in both houses of Congress, as Vice President Barack Obama, but before that as a Senator.

Good to come back, Also fired from the start the person who represented Delaware in the Senate for 36 years.

For the first time, he was on top.

But behind the forty-sixth president of the United States, history has been written, as he himself points out. Madam President [de la Chambre des représentants]Madam Vice President. No one said these words here and it was timeHe slipped before his speech hit the right arm in the White House.

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It was the first time that the two people behind the president addressing Congress were women: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a veteran of politics, and Vice President Kamala Harris, representing a new political generation.

If the Democrats punctuate his speech with applause, the Republicans remained steadfast.

Jobs in the foreground

United States President Joe Biden addresses Congress as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi considers.

Photo: AFP / Chip Somodevilla

Looking to the future, Joe Biden also laid out the major reforms he hoped to implement, insisting that the government could work for its citizens.

However, they may hit a wall in the Senate, where Republicans oppose it and where the cost of the proceedings does not bother some Democrats.

Joe Biden significantly promoted it $ 2000 billion infrastructure plan, Whose official goals include creating millions of jobs and fighting climate change, which will be funded through corporate tax increases.

We have long failed to use the most important word when it comes to tackling the climate crisis: ‘jobs’.Biden argued, repeating the word twice.

Now I know some of you are wondering if these jobs are for them. You feel left behind and forgotten in a rapidly changing economy. Allow me to speak to you directlyHe also said, assuring that the jobs to be created will be Paid It cannot It is not transferred.

Nearly 90% of these new jobs do not require a college degree, Confirmed.

The American Jobs Plan is a plan to build America out of its workers.

Quote from:Joe Biden, President of the United States

Joe Biden also outlined his $ 1.8 trillion plan for families, which will be funded through tax increases for wealthier Americans.

This, announced Tuesday, will expand the social safety net, with items such as free access to certain preschool and community colleges, financial assistance for childcare as well as the creation of a paid sick leave program and family leave.

The president will also be on the way to persuade Americans of the necessity of his plans, starting Thursday in Georgia.

Joe Biden also urged senators to pass a police reform bill before May 25, the anniversary of the death of 40-year-old African American George Floyd, who was killed last year by former cop Derek. convicted newly.

We have all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of black AmericaHe appealed to Joe Biden, referring to the nod of Derek Chauvin, who kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck for nearly 10 minutes.

With the plans laid out tonight, we have a real chance to end the systemic racism that plagues America.

Quote from:Joe Biden, President of the United States

The ambitious legislative text, which coincidentally bears the name of Mr. Floyd, has already passed through the House of Representatives. Among other things, it would prohibit strangulation and limit the legal protections police officers currently have.

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In the wake of the recent shootings, President Biden has also urged elected officials to work in favor of better gun control.

He also called for immigration reform, lower drug prices and protection of the right to vote, as Republicans in several states, according to their opponents, are trying to restrict voter access to minorities at the polls.

Republicans denounce “socialist dreams”

Our president appears to be a good manSenator Tim Scott selected responded to provide the Republican response. But our nation needs more than just vulgarity.

Our better future will not come from Washington’s plans or dreams of socialism. It will come from you, the American peopleHe added that the Democratic president’s actions further divided Americans.

A rising star in his training, he attacked Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan, saying it was Wish list From the left that kills jobs and brings in The largest tax increase in a generation.

While insisting on progress on equality, the only black Republican senator accused Democrats of using Element Such as Political weapon.

America is not a racist country.

Quote from:Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina

I also credit the Trump administration and the Republican leadership for the progress made on the pandemic and the economy.

A sign of the pressure the progressive wing of the Democratic Party intends to maintain on the Biden administration, as the latter also delivered a speech in an unusual way; Rep. Jamal Bowman, new to New York, has chosen to do so.

While promoting some of Joe Biden’s priorities, such as expanding free public education, he called for rebuilding. Our nation is on new foundations.

Fewer viewers, more security

The pandemic and the attack on Capitol Hill committed by hundreds of supporters of former President Trump have left their mark on the event, and imposed public health and safety imperatives.

Security measures are still very important in such rhetoric, but the level was raised after the events of January 6. The perimeter of the Capitol is still fenced off and the National Guard is still positioned there. to me Washington PostCapitol Hill Police said sections of 17 streets will be closed before and during the speech.

Ironically, President Biden spoke as many supporters of former President Donald Trump had hoped to prevent validation of the presidential election results.

He also hinted at it, saying that American democracy has it Survived.

We have witnessed the abyss of rebellion, tyranny, plague and pain, and we, the people, have not wavered.

Quote from:Joe Biden, President of the United States

Can our democracy overcome the lies, anger, hatred and fear that separated us?, Asked. America’s opponents, the rulers of the world, are betting that it cannot. They think we are too full of anger, division and anger. They see photos of the mob that attacked the Capitol as evidence that the sun is setting on American democracy. They are wrong. And we have to prove it to them.

Due to coronavirus-related restrictions, Joe Biden also has an audience of 200 instead of the 1,600 people who normally gather.

Joe Biden gives a speech to Congress which has several vacant seats.

Requires a pandemic, United States President Joe Biden gave a speech to Congress that was not yet full of capacity.

Photo: AFP / Andrew Harnick

Contrary to tradition, only one Supreme Court judge attended, John Roberts, chief justice of the Supreme Court. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, for his part was the only senior officer in the military hierarchy there.

In addition, only two cabinet members were present: Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin make the designated survivor selection, and the only cabinet member is usually absent in the event of a tragedy for the president and his potential successors, combined into one. Place.

There are no longer traditional guests, especially those of the first lady.