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"In England, even Boris Johnson did not dare to oppose the Trans movement."

“In England, even Boris Johnson did not dare to oppose the Trans movement.”

Tribune – Is the phrase “cervical for women only” “transphobic”? The symbol of the chaotic progress of the movement awakened throughout the channel, analyzes the young writer of a remarkable note on vocabulary for Fontapol.

A long time ago, when someone warned of progress Raised the ideology, He was accused of doing too much and tried to provoke another “moral panic” from various facts. The last few weeks in the United Kingdom have at least made it possible to further weaken this argument.

It began with a simple question to the leader of the Labor Party on British television: “Punishment.”Only women have a cervix “ Is she “transposopic”? Keer Stormer leaves, stumbles, interrupts himself before leaving: “Don’t say this sentence.” A few years ago, a radical outlook reserved for extremist circles, of course, at this moment – with staggering – in the country‚Äôs largest opposition – United, on the BBC.

Poll Frank Lunds revealed last July that the Awakened / Awakened section was the three most important for the British and that the British would soon follow this path.

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