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In California, the bears are coming to town

In California, the bears are coming to town



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USA: Bears are coming to town in California
USA: Bears are coming to town in California
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In the United States, more and more bears are knocking on doors or inviting themselves to the gardens of residents of Los Angeles. How to explain it?

They splash in puddles, inspect scratches on doors or packages. In California (USA), black bears are more common in urban areas.

At Pine Mountain Club (California, United States), 600 incidents were recorded in 2023. Thanks to cameras mounted in his garden, Ian Chavre sees bears passing by almost every day. He placed electric targets around the house, which were checked by authorities, when the animals sometimes entered the house's steps and opened car doors.

They also equip the small pizzeria in the village. The city's security team, during its night patrols, receives several calls, “Sometimes two to three a night.”notes Todd Greason, general manager of the Pine Mountain Club. “We want to live with them and we don't want to stop them from coming into our home.”He promises.

But animals are increasingly leaving the mountains for big cities like Los Angeles (California, United States). Although black bears rarely attack humans, five attacks have been recorded in recent years.

That may explain the recent increase in drought and fire reports in California. Mackenzie Rich of the California Fish and Wildlife Commission posits the growth of teleworking and video surveillance as possible causes.

A large census will begin in the summer to determine if the number of black bears has increased in recent years. Additional hunting permits may be issued. Each year, California allows hunters to shoot 1,700 of the 40,000 bears that live in the state.

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