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In Australia, the maker of the most fragrant cheese is fined $ 9,000

In Australia, the maker of the most fragrant cheese is fined $ 9,000

Whether you are a great lover of Camembert, Pont-L’Weck or Bree de Max, to be honest: you will not like this delicious scent. Cheesecakes Occupy your home. Unfortunately this is what happened to the residents of the small village of Yering Australian Forty kilometers from Melbourne, on the outskirts of Victoria, The Guardian reports.

Questioned? Local manufacturer, Yarra Valley DairySpecializes in all types of cheeses, from feta cheese to goat cheese Shades of Campert. If these foods give water to the mouth, their taste is not pleasing Smell.

According to local officials, the scent Paul Soiled yoghurt ” Escaped from the place of production. Perfume for Jeremy Settle, Regional Manager, Environmental Protection Agency of Australia (EPA) “Unfair” And strong enough to cause “Discomfort” To the people of the surrounding area.

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This is not the first time the manufacturer has received visits from local authorities for this unpleasant odor. In May 2021, the first warning was given to the Yarra Valley Dairy. “But when EPA officials returned in December to check compliance [des installations]The smell on St. Hubbard Street was so strong that it was uncomfortable. ”Comments Jeremy Settle.

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The returning EPA ruled that Yarra Valley Dairy had failed to make the necessary improvements to its sewage treatment system, which would prevent the fragrance from reaching neighboring properties. As a result, the manufacturer was fined A $ 9,087, or approximately ,000 6,000.