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In Australia, mining of the future according to Rio Tinto

In Australia, mining of the future according to Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto It has made automation of its platforms one of its priorities. Its new iron ore mine in Kudai-Dari, Australia, in which it has invested 2 billion euros, serves as a technological showcase. For the first time, the mining company will deploy autonomous tank trucks and a digital twin of the mine, updated in real-time to facilitate staff training.

It has already been using trucks and autonomous drills controlled from Perth, 1,500 km from the mine, for several years. And since 2019, a train carrying ore in the Pilbara desert has been moving without a driver. By operating with fewer miners, Rio Tinto aims to increase safety.

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Further investments should aim to reduce the mine’s carbon footprint by electrifying its 220-ton dumpers. A less ambitious plan than its neighbor and competitor, Fortescue Metals. The latter plans to transport its iron ore in an energy self-sufficient train. The electricity saved during the descent from the mine to the port will allow the train to ascend empty.

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