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In Australia, it’s time for the annual parade of millions of red crabs on Christmas Island

Released Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 4:45 p.m.

Millions of red crabs have been invading the streets of Australia’s Christmas Island for weeks. This phenomenon, while impressive, is not uncommon: it occurs every year during the shelling season.

Appearances can sometimes be deceiving: it’s not Christmas already on the small Australian island of 345 kilometers from the province of Java, but it’s time to migrate. Like every year, millions of crabs line up on the beach and on the roads leading to the sea, which should reach for laying eggs by the end of November. The males then return to the forest, where they become accustomed to living, while the females hatch their eggs a few weeks later and join them, Geo said.

Concerned Island

On Christmas Island, the migration of crabs is a serious business. Parks Australia, the company that manages six Australian national parks, said on its Twitter account that island roads were blocked for the event and that groups managed traffic.

In another post shared a few days ago, Parks Australia is releasing bridges designed for the event. With crabs, nothing is likely. Migration begins during the first rains of the wet season and depends on different phases of the moon, Geo says, predicting an arrival. “November 28th and 29th”.

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