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In Australia, dozens of sharks devour a whale

In Australia, dozens of sharks devour a whale

Sharks – The carcass of a whale triggered a shark mania in the east Australia. About thirty Sharks Gathered around her to swallow the dead animal, You can see it in the video above the article. The corpse of Whale On Tuesday, November 16, it was first spotted at sea, about a hundred meters from the inhabited beach.

Authorities on the island of Rodnest have decided to close all beaches within a mile of the body, and ordered swimmers to get out of the water. Website Sharksmart, Describing shark activity in Australia, states that “it is possible that the decaying corpse may act as a gravitational agent, attracting sharks closer to shore in this part of the coast.”

Ten days ago a swimmer was killed

A total of four beaches, including Pinky Beach and Longreach Bay, have been closed, according to Australian media reports. Bertno. With the help of fisheries officials from the Ministry of Primary Industries, forest rangers are patrolling the water and monitoring the situation. To avoid the risk of bites, beaches near the island of Rodnest had to be closed. Among the hunters were tiger sharks, but the species of the dead whale has not yet been determined.

This meeting Sharks Paul Milachip, 57, who was killed in Port Beach, Australia, arrives ten days later. He was attacked on November 6 while swimming 50 meters from the beach. His body was not found, but witnesses say he was seen being dragged under water.

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