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Scott Morrison a été réélu, de son propre aveu, « miraculeusement » en 2019.

In Australia, Conservative Scott Morrison is playing all he can to retain power

Looking at the budget released by Scott Morrison’s government on Tuesday evening, one would think that Christmas in Australia would be celebrated in March … The traditionally tough budget was chosen by the hard-working, conservative majority to raise the deficit and pay. To support the economy during epidemics. The unemployment rate is currently 4%, which is almost non-existent in fifty years.

With less than two months to go before the election, which promises to be dangerous for the prime minister and his Conservative majority, this year will not be the year of a reshuffle. At the heart of this budget is the aim of supporting billions of dollars in purchasing power.

Beneficiaries and retirees of Community Minima will receive a check for 170 euros. Ten million taxpayers earning less than 86,000 euros a year will have their tax bill reduced by 286 euros.


Meanwhile, the fuel tax will be halved for six months. It is estimated at around ில்லியன் 6 billion. It also has an envelope set aside for infrastructure projects worth more than ில்லியன் 12 billion. Only 15% of them consider infrastructure, the authority responsible for major projects, to be a “priority” by Australia.

The “Guardian Australia” site notes that more than two billion euros will be spent on controversial constituencies that are not strongholds of the Coalition or Labor.

Military skills

Treasurer Josh Friedenberg also announced that he would invest 6.7 billion euros in cyber security and intelligence services. They have been following a series of announcements in recent weeks aimed at boosting Australia’s military capabilities. Scott Morrison has announced the construction of a second submarine base on the East Coast, with Canberra looking to buy into its structure to accommodate nuclear submarines. Access Agreement But a 30% increase in the number of armed forces by 2040.

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Scott Morrison will announce the next election date soon. Given that they can only take place on a Saturday at least 33 days after the announcement and after May 21, there are only three options: May 7, 14 or 21..

Scott Morrison was “miraculously” re-elected by his own consent In 2019 By then one should expect divine intervention again.

Labor progress

His tenure was marked by harassment scandals involving government members and the disaster management of many natural disasters ( Fire , Flood) combined with poor record in the fight against global warming. In a recent poll, the ruling coalition was ten points behind Labor.

“Also, Anthony Albanese [le leader de l’opposition] Now equivalent to Scott Morrison in terms of popularity, despite his charisma, mentions Melbourne-based communications strategy consultant Natanel Bloch. This is why I think that if Labor wins, it will be primarily concerned with rejecting the coalition, rather than adhering to the labor program.

It remains to be seen whether Scott Morrison’s budget gifts will change the current dynamic.