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In Australia, 91% of Great Barrier Reefs are reported to be affected by 'bleaching'

In Australia, 91% of Great Barrier Reefs are reported to be affected by ‘bleaching’

Of the 719 reefs surveyed, 654, or 91%, exhibit coral bleaching. This is the first time the world’s largest coral reef has been exposed to such white matter during a La Nina climate event, which is usually characterized by unusually low water temperatures.

“Climate change is intensifying and rocks are already experiencing the effects”The surveillance report warns that this is the fourth wave “Bleaching” Has been hitting rocks since 2016.

Between September 2021 and March 2022, the Great Barrier Reef Maritime Commission, which published the study, conducted a comprehensive study of these rocks on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

He established that the water began to warm in late December and that three main areas where the dam was located were affected by the phenomenon, and that the algae were expelled, giving the coral its color and causing discoloration.

Bleached corals are alive and can recover if conditions improve, but “over-bleached corals have higher mortality rates,” the report said in an initial release in March.

The report was released ten days before the Australian federal election on May 21, during which it will focus on government policy issues on climate change.

In June, UNESCO will decide whether to add the Great Barrier Reef to the list of “endangered” sites.

In 2015, after the United Nations threatened to deactivate the site, Australia introduced a billion-dollar “Reef 2050” security plan.

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