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"In America, Afghanistan is a thing of the past"

“In America, Afghanistan is a thing of the past”

“America does not like to dwell on its failures and wants to move forward again. “. DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP

Maintenance – A year ago, the Taliban entered Kabul and the American withdrawal ended in disaster. According to the deputy director of the Foundation for Strategic Studies, America’s failure in Afghanistan is not complete and has not led Washington to turn away from global military and geopolitical issues.

Bruno Tertris is Deputy Director of the Foundation for Strategic Research (Think-Tank).

LE FIGARO. –On August 15, 2021, four months after Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of US troops, the Taliban entered Kabul. A year later, what lessons have been learned from this debacle?

Bruno Tertries. – A total failure? Remember that dedication is the primary purpose In Afghanistan That country must continue to be a breeding ground for international terrorism. This objective has been achieved and continues to be achieved. The Taliban regime is appalling but uninterested in becoming a haven for global jihadism again. And the country has not returned to the Stone Age. The development of infrastructure like education and healthcare has left deep traces. In the cities, few Afghans resent international intervention.

The problem lies in the disastrous cost-benefit ratio Its…

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