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In a cabin, trailer, or RV among the Abenakis of Odanak

About 30 kilometers east of Sorel-Tracy, the Abenaki Aventure campground, which is primarily dedicated to trailers and RVs, welcomes those who don’t have one.

It rents almost new trailers and cabins, location opened August 2021. Then it becomes possible to join friends who already own an RV or trailer.

A unique campsite

Located in the Abenaki community of Odanak, the campground is laid out in circular sections. For First Nations, this form is part of the tradition to promote exchanges with others.

The campsite is laid out in sections in a circle, which makes it easy to gather friends.

Image provided by Abenaki Venture

The campsite is laid out in sections in a circle, which makes it easy to gather friends.

Moreover, sections of three to eight courts each facilitate gatherings of friends or families. In the middle of the circle, everyone can then join a campfire.

This arrangement is party friendly, which is favored by a campsite with a late curfew of 1am.

For Rent

Another special feature of the campground: Rental trailers can be moved to the section where friends are with an RV or trailer.

A glimpse of a small room.

Image provided by Abenaki Venture

A glimpse of a small room.

Like the chalets, these are fully equipped to cook. You only need to bring bedding and towels.

On site and nearby

Many activities are planned this summer, including tastings of traditional dishes, such as bannock, sagamite soup, and smoked sturgeon. Also in the program are: drummers who can also perform on demand for a group.

Nearby is the Musée des Abénakis, which allows us to discover the habits of their ancestors with baskets or hunting and fishing accessories. A model of the village, surrounded by a fort erected in 1704, showing their military alliance with the French.

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When you exit the museum, walk through Tolba with a lookout point. One of the main attractions is still Pow Wow. This will be the 64th release this year, so the tradition continues.

Abenaki Adventure: Camping

  • Land for recreational vehicles and trailers: 78 divided into sections 3, 4, 6 and 8
  • Tent pitches (not serviced): about 15
  • Caravan rental: From $125 per night (plus $60 per lot)
  • Rental of small chalets: From $175 per night (minimum 2 nights)
  • Free wifi
  • Attractions in Odanak: Abenaki Museum and Students and Prisoners of Secrets Trail (July 21-23, 2023)

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Alan Demers is the author of the book Rediscover Quebec: 101 Destinationspublished by Éditions du Journal.