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Les docteurs Compagnon et Moreau et Marie-Ange Fontanille de l'association Oncoberry

Improving breast cancer screening

Approximately 60,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in France. Care has advanced and nearly eight in 10 women are still alive over the age of 20. One in twelve women will get breast cancer. Obviously, the key is prevention. We can cure twice as many cancers with early detection. This is the message that Dr. Thomas Frederic Moreau, an oncologist at St Jean’s Clinic in St Dolchard wants to convey: “ It’s a cancer that is cured in nine out of ten cases, if caught early enough. Therefore this diagnosis needs further improvement. Even if the results of treatment are convincing, it should not be assumed that it is a non-serious disease.” Breast cancer causes more than 12,000 deaths a year. So we should not be an ostrich by ignoring the examinations that are carried out from the age of 50: it is recommended to have a mammogram every two years, and even after the age of 75.

Oncoberry supports cancer patients with supportive care © Radio France
Michel Benoit

Bourget, Technology platforms are at the fore, equivalent to rounds Dr. François Compagno, an oncologist at Saint-Dolchard insists: “ This is not well known, including from general practitioners. We can take care of 99% of cancers in Bourges, thanks to the Guillaume de Varye teams and the Bourges Hospital Centre. We provide from diagnosis, surgical management, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and all supportive care to get the best results, closure. We are five oncologists under the age of 40 who live here. We have three radiotherapy accelerators here, the last one in 2018 and a new one arriving by the end of the year.” Many patients think that we are treated better in Paris or Clermont-Ferrand.

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The St-Jean Center at Clinic Guillaume de Varye in St-Doulchard specializes in the treatment of cancer.
The St-Jean Center at Clinic Guillaume de Varye in St-Doulchard specializes in the treatment of cancer. © Radio France
Michel Benoit

very important : Workshops will also be active today : ” We will have hair technicians “Detail of Marie-Ange Fontanille, from the Oncoberry Society.” Aestheticians are trained to reconstruct the mammary areola with 3D effects. Pause also on self-feeling. These are not innate gestures and are not necessarily explained by gynecologists. However, it is important to recognize them in order to further improve the prognosis and to contact your doctor if in doubt.” RV In the social and cultural center of St-Doulchard 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The average age for a breast cancer diagnosis is 63 years.